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Dec 25

Screenshot Sunday #100

Woo Hoo!!!! 100 Screenshot Sundays Down! and it landed on Christmas too! How awesome is that? Everyone knows the best gifts are the handmade ones that have Love as the main ingredient… So I’ve picked a few shots that were Forged with Love. “Christmas Morning” by Niko Oeyes on 12.24.2011

Dec 18

Screenshot Sunday #99

“Bull of Bashan” by Bull of Bashan on 3.27.2011

Dec 04

Screenshot Sunday #97

“Zephyr” by Apollo Creed 01 on 12.14.2010

Nov 27

Screenshot Sunday #96

“Take This” by Cody141414 on 7.23.2011

Nov 20

Screenshot Sunday #95

Now, I tried to find some Thanksgiving Shots, but it seems there isn’t much (Good) to choose from at this time. So I did a random search to find these. Another problem I had was that this guy “Apollo Creed 1” was the author of majority of the shots I found. Every time I found […]

Nov 13

Screenshot Sunday #94

Today we Celebrate the Birthday of @Instyle76! Everyone wish him a good one! “A Present 4 YOU!” by END3R5 SH4D0W on 12.01.2010