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Apr 07

SMC: The Story Thus Far

So I’ve been following the buzz about Mass Effect 3’s ending despite my better judgement. I have not personally played the game due to various other things taking up my time right now. From what I have seen through videos and watching a friend go to town on it, the game seems really enjoyable. As […]

Mar 24

SMC: One Thing I Miss

Every once in awhile, I remember the expansive collection of games I have built up over the years and decide to try out one of the older ones. Recently I dusted off my old N64 and had a blast going through Star Fox 64. I still think Peppy is a senile old man and Falco […]

Mar 03

SMC: Waka Waka

There are numerous reasons I wish I had been born a little earlier so I could experience all the weird stuff that came out of the 80’s. One such little oddity that has rolled across my news feed is the Pac-Man cartoon that aired in 1982.

Feb 11

SMC: Good Night Adam Adamowicz

Ryo here with a bit of depressing news. I’m not sure how many of you knew the name behind the look, but Adam Adamowicz was the talent behind Fallout 3 and Skyrim’s concept art along with several other Bethesda games.

Jan 14

SMC: Unproductive

So, with the decision to go forward with my project to build a MAME cabinet…I am faced with one glaring decision that could make or break this project. How much money can I throw at this?

Jan 07

SMC: 2012 Madness

With the dawn of a new year, I am reminded of something I remember hearing nearly every week during the previous year. Know that that is?