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Aug 05

Bungie Honors Us All

Yesterday, Bungie released a Video Documentary (ViDoc) Giving everyone insight on Bungie’s Past, Present, and Future. This year marks the company’s 20th anniversary, as well as Halo’s 10th. Yes, we have been given ten blissful years of , in my opinion, the most ground-breaking franchise known to gaming. This… is for Bungie, because everything they’ve […]

Apr 15

Big news for 343 Industries and Halo

Microsoft has released information about Halo Waypoint getting a HUGE update and added content coming very soon. There’s many new things to talk about, so make sure you’re sitting down… you may be standing…or dancing by the end of this. First off, yesterday, a very large number of Avatar items have made their way to […]

May 13

Halo: Reach BETA Part 1

Now, to get this straight… this may be a review, but it’s on a BETA! Remember that. This is also meant to be taken simply as observations of what we’ve seen so far and by no means are we judging this beta. Both PsychoVandal and Ryokea co-wrote this to bring out a few points and […]