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Mar 01

Kinect Powered Shopping Cart

Texas based Chaotic Moon is developing a “Smarter Cart” for Whole Foods. This awesome new shopping cart utilizes a tablet and Kinect scanner to keep track of the items you put in the cart, see if they’re on your shopping list, AND handles the check-out process for you! I’m gonna let that sink in until […]

Nov 07

Best Microsoft Ad Ever

Last weekend Sick and I participated in the Podtacular Special “Halo Decade Show: Part 3” involving the Halo Franchise and it’s community. Quite a few things were talked about, but one thing that came up was the Kinect’s integration into Halo:CEA and it’s potential for video games in general. The Kinect has added new functionality […]

Jul 27

Disruptive Technologies AKA New and Emerging Trends in the new technology landscape – Tech Tuesday #47

This was originally posted in a NY Tech forum and spawned a huge debate. I am re-posting here with permission from the author, Ed Potter. Would love to hear your thoughts on the topic!

Jun 21

Happy Father’s Day!

What To Get Him Father’s Day may be just about over, but’s never too late to show ol’ dad some love! In case you had no idea what to get your techie dad this year, here are some sweet gift ideas that are sure to keep him happy. Harmony One Universal Remote Control By Logitech […]