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Jan 07

Graphics And What They Mean Now

Hello readers, I happened to sit down and flip through my usual RSS feeds of gaming related news to find an interesting article posted over at IGN. It touches on a phenomena that was tremendously common just a handful of years ago. The rush for bleeding edge graphics in games.

Mar 30

Playstation Move takes on the Wii and Project Natal – Tech Tuesday #33

Earlier this month, Sony launched their answer to Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s upcoming Natal dubbed the PlayStation Move. While coning in late to the game, Sony’s offering does show some promise. But is it enough to have any impact?

Jun 06

Wii Fit is IT!

For the last year I’ve been trying to change my eating habits. I’ve been steadily losing weight though reluctant about exercising. I can blame asthma, my lack of decent sports equipment, or the blazing Florida sun. But deep down I know it’s just pure laziness on my part. I also realize I’d probably be losing […]