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Sep 07

AMMIH Podcast #2: RTFM

Week #2 kicks off and this time we changed a few things with the audio. Let us know if this is an improvement and give us some feedback by commenting below. Make sure you listen carefully, it could be rewarding… In this Podcast: Desirai Labrada, GT= SickNdehed John Henry, GT= PsychoVandal Jeffrey Pia, GT= Xx […]

Sep 02

In Limbo

First thing’s first, this is not a game for kids. It’s creepy, there’s gore (you can turn that off, but it wouldn’t be the same experience), there’s suicidal tendencies, and the main character is a little boy that gets F’ed up repeatedly. Now that that’s over with… This game, in it’s simplicity, is probably one […]

Jul 20

There’s about to be MORE Zombies on our lawn…

PopCap has announced more mayhem to come to our recently well defended lawns. A while back we fell into this curiosity from obtaining Zuma (and that’s thanks to Hawty McBloggy), then looking into other games that were made by PopCap. No one ever told us about Plants Vs Zombies. Maybe they could have saved us […]

Jun 03

Snoopy: Flying Ace for XBLA

Do you remember Crimson Skies? Who doesn’t, Right? Well everything you knew about that game has been put on the XBLA in the form of Peanuts… Snoopy: Flying Ace by SmartBomb Interactive hit the marketplace yesterday, and I had NO idea what it was. It literally crept up out of nowhere. It’s a good thing, […]

Jan 28

Heroes of Sostegaria…

Ah, Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment, I have waited SO LONG for this game! The original Vandal Hearts was the first Tactical RPG I ever laid my hands on, and boy did I love it! Of course, there have been more since then: Front Mission 3 (I miss this one too), Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics […]