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Oct 25

More Halo:CEA Goodness

We’ve Been away far too long… Everything that I’ve seen in the past month has drastically increased my desire for this game. And there is more to come…

Aug 05

Bungie Honors Us All

Yesterday, Bungie released a Video Documentary (ViDoc) Giving everyone insight on Bungie’s Past, Present, and Future. This year marks the company’s 20th anniversary, as well as Halo’s 10th. Yes, we have been given ten blissful years of , in my opinion, the most ground-breaking franchise known to gaming. This… is for Bungie, because everything they’ve […]

Oct 20

Marissa’s Bunny is Giving Away a Halo: Reach Console

Some of you may already be familiar with Marissa’s Bunny: An Infantile Spasms Awareness Blog. Last year Hawty McBloggy hosted “The Fundfax Fairraiser” in an effort to raise money and help Marissa’s family during their difficult fight with Infantile Spasms. Marissa’s dad, Mike (an avid Halo fan) has informed us he’s holding a contest and […]

Aug 02

Fable 3: Make your own Villager

Hear ye! Hear YE! Lionhead Studios has announced their “Villager Maker,” an interesting addition to making you more involved in the game. With this, you can…. Make your own villager!

Mar 23

Guys Looking for Gals to Game with? GameCrush Wants You! – Tech Tuesday #32

It’s easy to meet and play with female types online or on Xbox Live! Well if you don’t mind paying for it that is. A new service called GameCrush is here to help lonely guys meet the gamer gal of their dreams… well, sort of.