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Mar 08

Meet Kara

Quantic Dream has made revolutionary steps in video game making in the past with Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy)‘s multiple story arcs and the amazing graphics of Heavy Rain. Now, they attempt to open up the PS3’s capabilities with this “Real Time” prototype render of an android being “Assembled.” The graphic content in this piece isn’t the […]

Dec 09

IMO: Halo:CE Anniversary Map Pack

I’m using this to start another trend here. “In My Opinion” will be popping up here when I want to give you guys my opinion. You care. Don’t lie. This IMO is coming to you on a special day and is brought to you by 343i; Climbing in your playlists and snatching your Reticule Bloom […]

Oct 11

It’s OK to not like things

We can thank the Lovely @AlisonSt for this gem, and I quote,”This needs to be the Internet’s theme song:” This video is short, sweet, and hits the point dead on. I just know when I saw it I was like, “Awww how cute.. OMG she just said ‘Dick’!…Wow, that makes sense…” This is how everyone […]

Jun 06

E3: Youtube and Bing Coming to Xbox 360

Another E3 announcement, this fall with its usual seasonal update Microsoft is bringing Bing voice search and Youtube to the Xbox. Users will be able to use Bing to search through the Xbox Live Marketplace using their Kinect. Microsoft also plans to bring live TV feeds to the Xbox along with the same update.

Sep 20

AMMIH Podcast #4: Cats & Dogs

Week #4 guys! We’re rolling at a pretty good pace. In this one we cover a few more Mobile Games, give a shout out to a listener with a special request, and found out about a new “toy” to play with. We had to run this podcast a bit short due to a special guest […]

Sep 01

Crazy Halo 3 Mods

Every once in a while I meander across game mods that people have come up with. Usually, though impressive to actually implement, don’t have much of an effect on me. I could sit and watch game mod videos all day and not get too excited over them. Today was different… These mods actually had me […]