New iPhone Rumours Intensify – Tech Tuesday #41

So, many of you were skeptical about my articles (parts 1 and 2) a few weeks back around the suspected leak of the new iPhone model. Well since then there has been another siting of the alleged iPhone 4G, this time on the Vietnamese site TaoViet. To further fuel the fires of suspicion, Walmart just dropped the price on the 16GB model 3GS to under $100! It makes perfect sense that they would be getting rid of their inventory just prior to the release of a new model.

The first iPhone launched in 2007, the 3G in 2008, the 3GS in 2009. I’m not very good at the maths, but I believe that means we’re just about due for a new model some time soon. With the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is coming up in just two weeks, I have a sneaking suspicion that Apple will use this event to announce the new iPhone 4G.

Too much, too soon? The 3GS is a very popular model and has sold very well despite missing a few highly-publicized features (*coughFlashcough*). Also Apple fanboys’ wallets are still recovering from the recent iPad launch. Will there be a market for a new iPhone model? Maybe not… that is, if it was just a new version on the AT&T network. The Wall Street Journal, however, reported rumors that a CDMA-capable version of the iPhone may go live later this year. That means Verizon and Sprint may soon get the iPhone and the AT&T exclusivity deal may be close to an end.

All this seems a bit too predictable though, and if there’s one thing Apple is not known for, it’s predictability. Only 2 short weeks to the WWDC folks… what do you think Steve’s got up his sleeves? Let me know what you think below!

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