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Aug 13

2012 Reading Challenge Update #3

I’m ridiculously behind with these Reading Challenge Updates. I tried to get all fancy shmancy in the February post by adding neatly aligned book covers and well… it took forever. There were also a couple of months where no one read anything so there wasn’t much to report. But now it’s August and quite a […]

Jan 31

2012 Reading Challenge Update #1

Last year (at the last minute) PsychoVandal and I competed to reach our goodreads.com reading goals. We failed. However, this year we’re back with a vengeance and ready to get’er done! We even got InStyle76 to join us!

Dec 21

2011 Reading Challenge Update #7

Christmas is over, but our reading challenge is still on! I’m sad to report though that AJ has given up. “Either you’re gonna win or no one’s going to win!” he said to me as he threw in the towel. It made me laugh, though I’m relatively sad he gave up.

Dec 14

2011 Reading Challenge Update #6

Oh reading challenge. I’ll be so happy when you’re over, I’ve won, and we can all go back to reading books at our usual pace. Christmas is next Sunday. Does that feel weird to anyone else? or is it just me? I can’t remember the last time Christmas was on a Sunday. A bunch of […]

Dec 07

2011 Reading Challenge Update #5

Holy snow cones batman! It’s December! Not sure how that happened. But it’s definitely gettin’ chilly in the sunshine state. Psycho had to bring our doorstep Christmas tree in this evening. Apparently the wind kept knocking it over. The lights were on long enough for me to watch the last of the white lights die. […]

Nov 30

2011 Reading Challenge Update #4

I’ve finally hit the half way mark. Only 12 more books to go, with 31 days left. I need to read 3 books a week to win. Up until now I’ve been averaging one book a week. God, I’m never gonna make it. Who’s stupid idea was this reading challenge anyway? Oh wait.. it was […]