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Jul 28

A Tale Crafted On The Back Of A Community

by Ryokea in Gaming

Now, I know I’ve been dark on the site for a little while. Blame my job and my new found fascination with community made mods for Skyrim. I first picked this wonderful little game back up since purchasing the Dawnguard DLC on the 360. That sparked my interest in re-installing my copy on the PC […]

Jul 18

Official Halo 4 Xbox Bundle

So the Examiner was correct… The Halo 4 Bundle WAS meant to be released during SDCC! (duh) So here’s the low down on that…

Jul 12

Halo 4 Xbox 360 Bundle Leaked

Earlier today the Microsoft store had accidentally listed the Halo 4 Limited Edition Xbox 360 bundle. What’s crazy, is that IGN was on top of it like white on rice in a glass of milk on a paper plate in a snowstorm.At least that’s what Kotaku says… The link has since been removed, of course. […]

Jul 09

Dance Central 3 Song List Sneak Peek

When Dance Central 3 was announced at E3 in early June, I wasn’t surprised. We knew it was coming. We love the entire series and I’m sure we’ll own that one too. So I didn’t think much of it. Til Yesterday…

Apr 21

SMC: Popcorn Shrimp

So recently I have discovered an old passion of mine. Something that is very familiar and I have fond childhood memories of. One of the very first things I used to seek out in the mall on every trip by the arcade. Pinball.

Feb 26

Screenshot Sundays in Danger

Last week I came across an announcement on B.net stating they are no longer going to be hosting Halo related material after March 31, 2012.