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Jul 09

Dance Central 3 Song List Sneak Peek

When Dance Central 3 was announced at E3 in early June, I wasn’t surprised. We knew it was coming. We love the entire series and I’m sure we’ll own that one too. So I didn’t think much of it. Til Yesterday…

Jun 13

E3: Dance Central 2

The next biggest Kinect game announced at E3 was a successor to the game that dominated at launch. It’s easy to say that Harmonix is definitely holding the torch for Kinect right now. We still enjoy Dance Central and CANNOT wait for 2 to be released.

Apr 08

Halo Dance Central

How could I have missed this? It must have quietly snuck by as I struggled to avoid the internet on April 1st. Watch carefully though, I’d hate for you to miss all the awesomely renamed dance moves. Let’s dance! 1, 2, 3, 4…Reach Around, Melee The Grunt, Betcha Can’t Stick it, now Plasma Dodge, Tea […]

Jan 24

Harmonix becomes Huge Tax write-off

Viacom, parent company owning MTV, BET, and Paramount Pictures, payed $175 Million for Harmonix Music Systems back in 2006. As of December 23, they sold HMS for $50… YES, Fifty Dollars! There is a catch though…

Nov 29

AMMIH’s Dance Central Weight Loss Challenge

The last 3 years PsychoVandal and I have been spending Thanksgiving at our friend Crystal (Matron of Honor) and Mike’s (Groomsman) house. This year was no different and as always dinner was delicious. We were excited about bringing the Kinect and Dance Central to the party with us. Although everyone was shy to give it […]