Be Safe Out There

With the holiday season upon us, we all face a now familiar foe. Tomorrow the carefully picked parcels that have been tucked away will be assaulted by the hands of a frenzied man, woman, or child. Each year, we gather round to celebrate our respective beliefs and each year is similar but unique all the same.

No matter your specific celebration, there is one thing in common we all share. All of us celebrate those closest to us. The ones we go head to head with in a game where words are the weapons of choice. The people we trust to watch our backs when we are gunning down aliens or armored human soldiers on some distant ring world. We celebrate our Pyros who find great humor in using their flamethrowers to disrupt a friendly Sniper’s scope for no reason other than a bit of boredom and a cheap laugh.

As gamers, we celebrate along with everyone else in our own ways. We make art from scenery in our pixelated worlds wishing everyone a happy holiday, we let out joyous shouts when our games run a special promo during the season, but most of all we try to share the cheer with our comrades. We go forth and navigate the obstacles set before us to grab our seasonal loot so we may in a few days return to our normal cycle of our gaming habits.

Go forth and enjoy some time with the ones you care about. Don’t worry about the digital worlds you may leave behind temporarily in the process as they will be waiting for your next adventure once you have completed the real life quest set before you. From all of us here at A Match Made In Halo, happy holidays.


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