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Sep 20

AMMIH Podcast #4: Cats & Dogs

Week #4 guys! We’re rolling at a pretty good pace. In this one we cover a few more Mobile Games, give a shout out to a listener with a special request, and found out about a new “toy” to play with. We had to run this podcast a bit short due to a special guest […]

Sep 14

AMMIH Podcast #3: Pogo Zombie Works at Bungie!

The third time’s the Charm…. BTW: Today is SickNdehed’s Birthday, and we’ll be busy poppin’ heads in Reach! Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

Sep 04

Apple To Launch Game Center

It seems we have a new competitor in the social competitive gaming platforms. The big three: Xbox Live, PSN, and Steam, are to be expecting Apple’s new platform to drop in and try it’s hand out in this game. Right now, it is tough to say if Apple can cut a significant slice of this […]

May 25

New iPhone Rumours Intensify – Tech Tuesday #41

So, many of you were skeptical about my articles (parts 1 and 2) a few weeks back around the suspected leak of the new iPhone model. Well since then there has been another siting of the alleged iPhone 4G, this time on the Vietnamese site TaoViet. To further fuel the fires of suspicion, Walmart just […]

Apr 27

More on the iPhone 4G, the drama continues… – Tech Tuesday #37

Last week I wrote about how a new iPhone prototype got leaked to Gizmodo and how Apple’s legal dept sent them a letter demanding the device back. So Giz agreed and returned the phone. End of story right? Not so fast!

Apr 20

iPhone 4G (aka iPhone 4GS, aka iPhone HD) Real or Fake? – Tech Tuesday #36

So how would you like to be fresh out of college, get a dream job for a company you love, get included in a project testing out a prototype upgrade to one of their uber-p0pular devices, then accidentally allow it fall into the hands of the press well before it was scheduled to be announced? […]