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Mar 22

Angry Birds: Space released today

Spaaaaaaaace!!! Thanks to Portal 2’s Spaaaace Core, I will probably always over extend that word. Angry Birds Space chimes in at $0.99 for the iPhone, iPod Touch, $3 on the iPad , $5 in the Mac App Store, and Windows users can buy the game directly from Rovio for $6 or check out a demo […]

Sep 04

Apple To Launch Game Center

It seems we have a new competitor in the social competitive gaming platforms. The big three: Xbox Live, PSN, and Steam, are to be expecting Apple’s new platform to drop in and try it’s hand out in this game. Right now, it is tough to say if Apple can cut a significant slice of this […]

Jul 22

Angry lil Birds…So Angry

I don’t know how it happened. It was like a silent plague that came in. Sick got it first. Again, I don’t know how. But it has spread so fast that our little one, roommate, and even co-workers have caught it within two days.

Apr 08

iPhone OS 4

Hot on the tail of the recent iPad launch, Apple also announced a major upgrade to the iPhone operating system. In a nutshell, there’s some really nice stuff coming down the pipe. Here are some of the highlights from today’s press event

Apr 06

iPad vs JooJoo… FIGHT! LET’S GET IT ON!* – Tech Tuesday #34

In case you haven’t kept up with the news, or turned on your tv in the past week, the iPad officially went on sale to the general public a few days ago and sold a staggering 700k respectable 300k units on launch day. I reviewed the iPad a few weeks back (new readers can get […]