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Oct 02

Resident Evil 6: Split Screen FAIL

rant Do you see this?! No… just NO! Why is it that local Co-op players get shafted when it comes to multiplayer? Is this supposed to be innovative? Ugh… so much wasted space… If you’re going to do that, use it for items, inventory, or some more awesome features. Something. Not EMPTY SPACE. I have […]

May 21

More Halo 4 Goodness

I know I’m a tad late, but this is worth showing again…. and again… 343i is taking Halo 4 multiplayer to a whole new level ; adding what will be known as “Halo Infinity” Your SPARTAN -IV model soldier is stationed on Infinity, the UNSC’s largest fleet ship. This ship will be your multiplayer “Hub” […]

Mar 16

Mass Effect 3 N7 Challenge: Operation Goliath

Brute SMASH! Ever get smashed in the face by a brute and wanna get some heated revenge? Yeah, Me too! Now’s the time… BioWare has announced this weekend as it’s first ME3 Multiplayer challenge weekend starting tonight at 5:00 PM PST(2 hours ago) and run until 5:00 AM PST Monday morning. Details are as follows… […]

Feb 05

Screenshot Sunday #106

“Stalker” by Mal90 on 11.11.2010

Jan 29

Screenshot Sunday #105

“Conquer” by sicfReak0 on 12.22.2010

Jan 22

Screenshot Sunday #104

Today… We’re talking “Magic”! “Magic” by Cyber Connor on 10.09.2010