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Apr 07

SMC: The Story Thus Far

So I’ve been following the buzz about Mass Effect 3’s ending despite my better judgement. I have not personally played the game due to various other things taking up my time right now. From what I have seen through videos and watching a friend go to town on it, the game seems really enjoyable. As […]

Mar 16

Mass Effect 3 N7 Challenge: Operation Goliath

Brute SMASH! Ever get smashed in the face by a brute and wanna get some heated revenge? Yeah, Me too! Now’s the time… BioWare has announced this weekend as it’s first ME3 Multiplayer challenge weekend starting tonight at 5:00 PM PST(2 hours ago) and run until 5:00 AM PST Monday morning. Details are as follows… […]

Feb 11

Mass Effect 2

When I first heard that Mass Effect was going to be a trilogy I thought, “Well, that sounds cool and using my character from the previous title was one of my favorite parts of .//Hack. Maybe I’ll reserve it.” Some time in 2008 we all saw the first trailer for Mass Effect 2, learned that […]