Mass Effect 3 N7 Challenge: Operation Goliath

Brute SMASH!

Ever get smashed in the face by a brute and wanna get some heated revenge? Yeah, Me too! Now’s the time…
Operation Goliath
BioWare has announced this weekend as it’s first ME3 Multiplayer challenge weekend starting tonight at 5:00 PM PST(2 hours ago) and run until 5:00 AM PST Monday morning. Details are as follows…

During the above specified “Challenge time” Each team to successfully extract from a SILVER challenge against the Reapers will be awarded a “Commendation pack” which will guarantee a random weapon from the Single Player Campaign Exclusive (Now no longer…) N7 Arsenal (N7 Crusader Shotgun, N7 Eagle Pistol, N7 Hurricane SMG, and N7 Valiant Sniper Rifle).

Now to make things a little bit more Rewarding… if the ENTIRE community kills 1 MILLION Brutes over this weekend’s “Challenge Time”, BioWare will award each and every one of us a free “Victory Pack.” Contents of this pack have not been fully disclosed. FULL DETAILS ARE GIVEN HERE, and I SUGGEST YOU READ THEM!

Not only do I want to get in on the N7 weapons, but I’m curious to see what will come in this “Victory Pack”, so let’s get to killing them Brutes!

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