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Jun 09

SMC: Anticipation

With the announcement of the beta for Dawnguard, I find myself ready to plunge back into Skyrim full force. Ready to load up characters that have over a hundred hours of game time on them simply to get a feel for how I built them, and what I should do next for preparing a character […]

Jun 02

SMC: Dawnguard Speculation

Morning. Now many of you have already watched the Dawnguard trailer by now if you are a fan of Skyrim.

May 26

SMC: Head Trip Time

Ryo here, bringing along a little video for all the Arkham City fans out there. Have you ever seen Mark Hamill actually laugh like the Joker? No? Well check out the video below.

May 19

SMC: Uncertainity

Ryo here with a bit of news that makes me scratch my head. I can’t really tell if I wish to even attempt to watch a movie made from a beloved series again.

Apr 21

SMC: Popcorn Shrimp

So recently I have discovered an old passion of mine. Something that is very familiar and I have fond childhood memories of. One of the very first things I used to seek out in the mall on every trip by the arcade. Pinball.

Apr 14

SMC: Curved Swords

So the one piece of news that I have been a bit overly excited about is the announcement that Skyrim is receiving a patch that adds in Kinect support. Why is that awesome to me? Because I step forth to admit to screaming “Fus Ro Dah, you son of..” at my television in vain far […]