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Nov 03

Forward Unto Dawn: Part 5

I’m still not sure how I feel about Master Chief’s voice (is that really Steve Downes?) or his lines, but the scene with the Hunter was kinda epic. I think they wrapped this episode up really well. Check it our for yourself and let us know what you think. Just 3 more days… 3 more […]

Oct 29

Forward Unto Dawn: Master Chief

Check out a little Behind the Scenes look at Forward Unto Dawn’s Master Chief by CruelLEGACEY

Oct 22


Halo Waypoint gives us another live action trailer for Halo 4. Here is “Scanned.”

Jul 04

Forward Unto Dawn Official Teaser Trailer (Live Action)

Yes… LIVE ACTION HALO! Not just cut scenes, but an entire digital series. Cannot wait. Watch this teaser and then we dance… Did you subscribe?… YOU BETTER HAVE!

Aug 05

Bungie Honors Us All

Yesterday, Bungie released a Video Documentary (ViDoc) Giving everyone insight on Bungie’s Past, Present, and Future. This year marks the company’s 20th anniversary, as well as Halo’s 10th. Yes, we have been given ten blissful years of , in my opinion, the most ground-breaking franchise known to gaming. This… is for Bungie, because everything they’ve […]

Apr 23

Master Chief Sings…

Ever wondered if Master Chief did karaoke? Ever wanted to hear a “Halo” Ballad? If Master Chief didn’t have enough dialog for you in game, He gets it all out here… Master Chief Sings And NO, this is not how I “woo”ed Sicky… Source: Kontraband