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Forward Unto Dawn: Part 4

Oh, this is getting Goooooood! Ok… with them being able to do this, someone please tell me why we cant haz Halo Movie?


Forward Unto Dawn: Part 3

What the hell is that?! I…. I think… it was raining bodies…


Forward Unto Dawn: Part 2

I like where it’s going already. Although, it seems… predictable. I hate waiting a week at a time. Til next Friday…


Forward Unto Dawn: Part 1

Forward Unto Dawn debuted with its first installment of a 5 part series. This gives us yet another perspective in the Halo Universe.


Forward Unto Dawn Official Teaser Trailer (Live Action)

Yes… LIVE ACTION HALO! Not just cut scenes, but an entire digital series. Cannot wait. Watch this teaser and then we dance… Did you subscribe?… YOU BETTER HAVE!


Bricks of War

With today’s Launch of the Horde Command pack I give you…. THE BEST LEGO STILL MOTION EVAR! With the crew here making a 4-player run through the Campaign on Insane, I’ll save my Gears playing for that until we’re done. Now, I’m prolly gonna give this DLC a go for a bit… but then RIGHT […]