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Sep 24

Borderlands 2: 96.5% More Wub Wub

I have been completely addicted to this game, so I wanted to share a couple things with you.

Nov 29

AMMIH Podcast #8: Back from Hiatus

No more month long gaps… Sorry for the wait everyone. We’ve been busy little bees, and I’m assuming the holidays aren’t going to help either. One thing we’ve been busy with is House Hunting. We’ll keep you updated on that happens with that. But, now to the good stuff… In this podcast: Desirai Labrada, GT= […]

Jul 08

The Saboteur

The Saboteur is the last game made by the studio Pandemic. It was liquefied very shortly after the launch of the game. Honestly speaking, I had very little knowledge of the game before ever getting around to playing it. I do recall watching an ad or two and seeing that you played an Irishman during […]

May 13

Halo: Reach BETA Part 1

Now, to get this straight… this may be a review, but it’s on a BETA! Remember that. This is also meant to be taken simply as observations of what we’ve seen so far and by no means are we judging this beta. Both PsychoVandal and Ryokea co-wrote this to bring out a few points and […]

Apr 29

Splinter Cell Conviction

The Splinter Cell series has always been about many things, but the core of that has always been sneaking up on people for a stealth kill. The news of a new Splinter Cell was cause for celebration since I had all but tired of the last in the series. This time around, Sam Fisher wasn’t […]

Apr 22

Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver

Pokémon. This is a word that is synonymous with my childhood. Heck, I don’t remember how old I when I got Pokémon Blue Version for my birthday. But you know what? Thanks to that little blue square and the purple see-through rectangle I was supposed to stick it in, I became the gamer I am […]