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Nov 29

AMMIH Podcast #8: Back from Hiatus

No more month long gaps… Sorry for the wait everyone. We’ve been busy little bees, and I’m assuming the holidays aren’t going to help either. One thing we’ve been busy with is House Hunting. We’ll keep you updated on that happens with that. But, now to the good stuff… In this podcast: Desirai Labrada, GT= […]

Sep 07

AMMIH Podcast #2: RTFM

Week #2 kicks off and this time we changed a few things with the audio. Let us know if this is an improvement and give us some feedback by commenting below. Make sure you listen carefully, it could be rewarding… In this Podcast: Desirai Labrada, GT= SickNdehed John Henry, GT= PsychoVandal Jeffrey Pia, GT= Xx […]

Mar 29

AMMIH Meets x Awal x

Things have changed quite a bit since the wedding. Psycho and I have been playing Halo more often. We’re also beginning to discover how deep the Halo rabbit hole really goes. There are so many Halo 3 forums and communities but we were referred to one in particular, Facility B5D. It was named after the […]