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Nov 29

AMMIH Podcast #8: Back from Hiatus

No more month long gaps… Sorry for the wait everyone. We’ve been busy little bees, and I’m assuming the holidays aren’t going to help either. One thing we’ve been busy with is House Hunting. We’ll keep you updated on that happens with that. But, now to the good stuff… In this podcast: Desirai Labrada, GT= […]

Sep 14

AMMIH Podcast #3: Pogo Zombie Works at Bungie!

The third time’s the Charm…. BTW: Today is SickNdehed’s Birthday, and we’ll be busy poppin’ heads in Reach! Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

Jul 20

The Married Gamers

Married Gamers… that is what PsychoVandal and I wish to be. I’ve actually found myself reading a lot about marriage and relationships lately. I guess knowing how to keep my partner happy through years of marriage are important to me. PsychoVandal and I both agreed that getting married was something we only wanted to do […]