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Aug 10

Will Google And Verizon Kill The Internet? The Debate Over Net Neutrality Rages On – Tech Tuesday #48

On Monday, Google and Verizon announced a “policy proposal” detailing a tiered payment structure for the internet. The basic crux of which states that the service provider (ie Verizon) should be allowed to stream data faster for content providers (ie YouTube, owned by Google) who pay for the privilege, thus separating this VIP traffic from […]

Jun 01

Google to expand its empire with Google TV – Tech Tuesday #42

Google has gone from being the little [search] engine that could to being mega-corporation spanning many different industries from telecom to energy. Google is looking to expand it’s empire once again with Google TV. Announced just last week at the developer event Google I/O, Google has set its sights firmly on conquering the television industry.

Mar 09

VEVO is officially my new favorite website – Tech Tuesday #30

For years now I have been telling anyone who would listen about my plans to build a website based on music videos. “It would be everything that MTV is NOT,” I’d say. It would not only let you to search for specific artists or songs, but it would also allow you to save playlists to […]

Mar 02

Google Prepares To Take Over Your World – Tech Tuesday #29

This week’s Tech Tuesday is all about Google. Think the title is exaggerating a bit? Not so fast! We all know about Google’s mainstream applications like Gmail, Google Talk and Google Docs, and I recently wrote about the new Google Buzz, but you may not know about Google’s less advertised initiatives. Google has seeds planted […]

Feb 16

Google Buzz, Windows Phone 7 – Tech Tuesday #28

Tech Tuesday #28 Welcome to the latest installment of Tech Tuesday! There was a ton of stuff going on in the tech world this week, but unfortunately I’ve only got so much space to work with so I will pick the top 2: Google Buzz and Windows Phone 7. Both attracted a huge amount of […]

Jan 19

Tech Tuesday #24: Bleep Bloop

Morning, or evening for those that are either on the other side of the world or those who are nocturnal like myself. Another week, another random title, and one anniversary down for John and Desirai. For anyone living near the Joplin and Springfield area in Southwest Missouri, keep your ears open for any word on […]