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Mar 02

Google Prepares To Take Over Your World – Tech Tuesday #29

This week’s Tech Tuesday is all about Google. Think the title is exaggerating a bit? Not so fast! We all know about Google’s mainstream applications like Gmail, Google Talk and Google Docs, and I recently wrote about the new Google Buzz, but you may not know about Google’s less advertised initiatives. Google has seeds planted […]

Oct 20

Tech Tuesday #11: Running Close To The Borderlands

Ryo here, and if you get the title for today’s Tech Tuesday then you must be a gamer. If not, well I suppose I can toss up some techie jokes a bit later. Moving right along. Quick read through my news feed shows me one thing so far: Google is really making some headlines. One […]

Sep 29

Tech Tuesday #8: Quest Begins

Hello everyone, I’m back from a week spent playing ODST and various other games. Now today I think will be a little different, unless I happen across a catchy video by the time I end this article that is. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sustain having a video every week, so this week […]