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Jan 19

Tech Tuesday #24: Bleep Bloop

Morning, or evening for those that are either on the other side of the world or those who are nocturnal like myself. Another week, another random title, and one anniversary down for John and Desirai. For anyone living near the Joplin and Springfield area in Southwest Missouri, keep your ears open for any word on […]

Dec 15

Tech Tuesday #19: Strange Tidings

Ryo back with a fairly amusing, and very catchy, video to share with you. Discovered this little gem thanks to my video game news feeder I have on my homepage. That time of the year is coming up, so everyone share with me what geeky little gadgets you are trying to score this holiday season. […]

Sep 29

Tech Tuesday #8: Quest Begins

Hello everyone, I’m back from a week spent playing ODST and various other games. Now today I think will be a little different, unless I happen across a catchy video by the time I end this article that is. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sustain having a video every week, so this week […]

Sep 01

Tech Tuesday #5: Batteries Or Public Dance Parties?

Morning everyone, another week gone by so quickly and another ahead. Today I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go a bit older for the weekly unusual commercial or not, so I’m throwing two up at the end of the post. One possibly will scare parents everywhere, and the other really has very little to […]