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Jan 29

Screenshot Sunday #105

“Conquer” by sicfReak0 on 12.22.2010

Jun 07

E3: Ms. Splosion Man

For those lucky enough to be in the beta, you already have seen what this game will likely look like when it is launched later on. For those of you who haven’t seen yet, check the video after the break to see some splodin’ goodness.

May 20

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair

Ryo here, popping in to chat briefly about an Arcade game I picked up recently and tried out with a few friends.

Oct 01

Dead Rising 2

[OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER]: Right off the bat here, I want to say that this is my first of a two-part review for Dead Rising 2. I’m going to be giving to scores, for your interpretation. I’m doing this because I, on average, detest multiplayer in games. So, Dead Rising 2 has CO-OP and Multiplayer, and I […]

Sep 24

Review: Dead Rising 2- Case 0

When the release for Dead Rising 2 hit the streets, my first thought was, “Eh, wasn’t too thrilled for the first one.” So I didn’t give the info much more thought. Enter: Dead Rising 2 Case: “0”(Zero) for the XBLA. This would be Dead Rising 2’s prequel to its upcoming release.

Sep 09


So, Plants Vs. Zombies finally hits Xbox Live! We’ve been patiently awaiting its arrival, too. (If you can believe that…) We became addicted to this game a while back, and since have given it a rest. But now that PopCap has dropped it to our favorite console, it’s on once again. The game comes with […]