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Lollipop Chainsaw

First, I just wanted to start by saying I don’t normally write many game reviews (even though this is more like a game introduction). The truth of the matter is my simulation sickness prevents me from playing a lot of games. Lame, right? Sometimes Dramamine helps but it’s usually a last resort lest I am […]


DragonVale: A Zoo filled with Dragons

Nothing. But. DRAGONS! How awesome is that? Pretty friggin awesome.


IMO: Halo:CE Anniversary Map Pack

I’m using this to start another trend here. “In My Opinion” will be popping up here when I want to give you guys my opinion. You care. Don’t lie. This IMO is coming to you on a special day and is brought to you by 343i; Climbing in your playlists and snatching your Reticule Bloom […]


Castlevania: Harmony of Despair

Ryo here, popping in to chat briefly about an Arcade game I picked up recently and tried out with a few friends.


New Vegas

When I say Fallout. What images does that single word conjure up? For many old school gamer types, days of top down turn based combat in a post apocalyptic wasteland are called forth from the depths of their minds. For the newer generations of gamers, Fallout 3’s FPS and RPG elements are called to mind. […]


Dead Rising 2 Review: CASE 2

Dead Rising 2: Multiplayer Welcome to Part Two of my review of Dead Rising 2, in which I address the games Cooperative play, Multiplayer modes, and some other stuff I might’ve missed in my initial review of the Single player Campaign.