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PAX Prime 2012: Swag Giveaway

Yes! It’s finally here. Our long awaited PAX Prime Swag Giveaway. We’re officially ready to give this stuff away! This year however, we’re doing things a little differently and will be drawing 5 lucky winners!


Halo Figurine and Halo 4 Avatar Warthog Contest

Edit: Warthog Avatar Code AND Halo Avatar Figurine Winners have been announced! Scroll to the bottom to see who won. In an effort to reach our goal of “1000 likes before PAX Prime” we’re doing a giveaway! Yay! Get excited! Entering to win is simple though it does require more than one step.


IMO: Halo:CE Anniversary Map Pack

I’m using this to start another trend here. “In My Opinion” will be popping up here when I want to give you guys my opinion. You care. Don’t lie. This IMO is coming to you on a special day and is brought to you by 343i; Climbing in your playlists and snatching your Reticule Bloom […]


Uncharted 3 BETA oops

Those who have seen me tweet about the “Uncharted 3 BETA” codes may be a bit confused. I know I was. Here’s the scoop.


PAX Swag Giveaway Winner!

And the AMMIH PAX 2011 Swag Giveaway winner IS…. Yes, the awesome person that gets ALL THIS… *Drumroll*…. Wait for it… No really… NUMBER 14!! Wait, who is that?… James “The Major”! Congratulations, Man! You have just won “All That Swag”! For chances to win more free sh… stuff… Bookmark Us, Follow @MatchMadeInHalo on Twitter, […]


PAX Prime 2011: Swag Giveaway

We ran around like crazy (I’m lying. Psycho did all the running) on Day 3 grabbing swag for you! Entering to win is easy. Read the full post to find out how and what you’ll win. Good luck! Prize: The Wearable Stuff