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Halo 3 screenshots. For use with Screenshot Sundays.

Screenshot Sundays in Danger

Last week I came across an announcement on stating they are no longer going to be hosting Halo related material after March 31, 2012.


Screenshot Sunday #106

“Stalker” by Mal90 on 11.11.2010


Screenshot Sunday #105

“Conquer” by sicfReak0 on 12.22.2010


Screenshot Sunday #104

Today… We’re talking “Magic”! “Magic” by Cyber Connor on 10.09.2010


Screenshot Sunday #103

“Immortal” by Xx808RGARCIAxX on 12.26.2010


Screenshot Sunday #102

Let’s add a bit of color to this scene… “Redemption” by GlazZz ODST on 11.03.2010