Screenshot Sundays in Danger

Last week I came across an announcement on stating they are no longer going to be hosting Halo related material after March 31, 2012.

Final Transmission

No Halo

When Bungie finally announced that they were releasing Halo to Microsoft, I had a sadface. I could imagine this was like giving birth to a child, raising it passed cognitive development, then giving it to another home. Now what this image above says to me is that Bungie is now putting all documents and photos in a shoebox in storage… Only to be found in the future… bringing fond memories… and crying.

I have over 100 Screenshot Sundays posted with links that lead to Bungie’s archive. I’ve asked around to find out if these links will still be active behind the scenes, but have had no definitive answer surface. So, in fear of having to remove every single link after next month I will not be posting Screenshots until I work this issue out. I will leave them up and re-link to the rooted files. I’ll keep the links up, but will no longer be trying to find shots from their site. I’m not going to poke at a wound they are trying to heal.


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