2012 Reading Challenge Update #2

Another month down and our reading challenge is holding strong! Color me surprised! With the exception of InStyle76 (the guy works hard. What can you do?) we’ve all read at least 4 books.

Updated Prize List

What We’ve Read


NOTE: I couldn’t confirm InStyle76’s and Josh’s reading at the time of writing this. If I’ve missed anything, I’ll update it after speaking to them.

As you can see AJ has been flying through his reading. I guess changing his prize from a trip to Universal to professional Headshots has helped. Maybe I’ll breeze through some books too… once I finally pick a prize. Jeez… you’d think I was trying pick a way to die. I can’t seem to think of anything I want in the prize range. Sometimes I think I should just choose a PS3. But do I really want that? I hardly have time to play the Xbox 360.

Any Playstation 3 owners out there? Sell it to me. Give some reasons why I should get one. Also tell me what prize you’d choose if you could have something up to $250.


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