Kinect Powered Shopping Cart

Texas based Chaotic Moon is developing a “Smarter Cart” for Whole Foods. This awesome new shopping cart utilizes a tablet and Kinect scanner to keep track of the items you put in the cart, see if they’re on your shopping list, AND handles the check-out process for you! I’m gonna let that sink in until you see the other surprises here…

Remember when we posted the “Best Microsoft Ad EVER?” We all know that the Kinect is just a start toward the technologies to come. The video in the post previously mentioned shows many adaptions that the Kinect prove useful, but this here is another to add to that list.

“Microsoft says more than 300 companies are working on commercial applications for Kinect on Windows. Other demos today included an application that gave an immersive virtual tour of a new vehicle, and another that let kids interact with a wildlife show.” -GeekWire

I can’t wait to see more.

Mashable, GeekWire


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