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Oct 01

Dead Rising 2

[OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER]: Right off the bat here, I want to say that this is my first of a two-part review for Dead Rising 2. I’m going to be giving to scores, for your interpretation. I’m doing this because I, on average, detest multiplayer in games. So, Dead Rising 2 has CO-OP and Multiplayer, and I […]

Sep 28

AMMIH Podcast #5: Always

Week #5 Coming at ya! Annual Charities approaching, and a story about a poor, unfortunate DS.

Sep 24

Review: Dead Rising 2- Case 0

When the release for Dead Rising 2 hit the streets, my first thought was, “Eh, wasn’t too thrilled for the first one.” So I didn’t give the info much more thought. Enter: Dead Rising 2 Case: “0”(Zero) for the XBLA. This would be Dead Rising 2’s prequel to its upcoming release.

Mar 25

Here Comes a New Challenger! – Game Review: Street Fighter IV

Growing up, whether you had a Sega Genesis or a SNES, you were laughed at if you didn’t have Street Fighter 2 to beat up the neighbors in. SF has been a staple in fighting games since those days. The artwork to come from that series (fan or official) have been no joke either.