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Jan 12

Tech Tuesday #23: This Is Sp…No, Wait. Wrong Intro.

Here we are again. We’ve managed to survive another week. I am curious as to how bad these recent two cold snaps hit some of you. Any sheets of ice coating the roads? We all know those are loads of fun. So, taking a break from wrapping myself up in layers of blankets and glaring […]

Jan 05

Tech Tuesday #22: Today Is The Day

Hello once more, readers. Taking a break from my gaming exploits, I realized something. Well a few things actually, one of them won’t be discussed until later on. For good reasons, I assure you. The other I plan to include today, and actually look forward to trying to buy one for myself when funds allow […]

Dec 29

Tech Tuesday #21: Countdown

Everyone have fun while I was away? If so, good. If not, maybe you should re-think your routine for the holiday season. Season isn’t over yet though, you still have one opportunity to send the year out with a bang on New Years. So go get tanked (if you’re legal age of course) and hang […]

Dec 15

Tech Tuesday #19: Strange Tidings

Ryo back with a fairly amusing, and very catchy, video to share with you. Discovered this little gem thanks to my video game news feeder I have on my homepage. That time of the year is coming up, so everyone share with me what geeky little gadgets you are trying to score this holiday season. […]

Dec 08

Tech Tuesday #18: Expect Unexpected Results

Ryo here, survived another week and I’m back to throw things at people. Anyone have a car I can borrow? Mine was busted up in a wreck a few days ago. Promise I won’t make any modifications to it…well…maybe one or two. 😛 Moving right along from a story I’ve become sick of telling. What […]

Nov 24

Tech Tuesday #16: Phase Two

Afternoon everyone, Ryo here with a bit of a late post due to a few reasons. Nothing important enough to go into here though. Completely unrelated as to why Tech Tuesday was delayed today…the Borderlands DLC dubbed Zombie Island was launched in the wee hours of the morning. Did I mention Left 4 Dead 2 […]