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Oct 15

SMC: PS3 Keyboard and Mouse

Morning readers, time for a quick chat. Today we have a bit of news from Sony that should intrigue some gamers, but first a bit of non-gaming news.

Oct 14

Sony to limit number of 3D TVs sold down under

Seems Sony thinks Australians wont be clammoring to buy a 3D TV. That or a deal was struck for exclusive selling rights. [Source: http://www.gamespot.com/6340097]

Jan 07

Graphics And What They Mean Now

Hello readers, I happened to sit down and flip through my usual RSS feeds of gaming related news to find an interesting article posted over at IGN. It touches on a phenomena that was tremendously common just a handful of years ago. The rush for bleeding edge graphics in games.

Sep 04

Apple To Launch Game Center

It seems we have a new competitor in the social competitive gaming platforms. The big three: Xbox Live, PSN, and Steam, are to be expecting Apple’s new platform to drop in and try it’s hand out in this game. Right now, it is tough to say if Apple can cut a significant slice of this […]

Jun 16

E3 Wrap-up: The Winner is..

Another day of trailers and announcements gone by. Nintendo and Sony were the two main heavy hitters to toss some words around for the audience to greedily soak up. While there is still the rest of today left before the “winner” of this year’s E3 will be decided upon by the collective masses of gamers, […]