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Aug 14

TF2 Crew Hits Hero Academy Hits Steam

Team Fortress coming to Hero Academy is the celebration for Hero Academy getting it’s release on Steam. Hoo-Rah!

Apr 28

SMC: Waaaaah!

Random bit of semi-gaming related news, I now apparently have a dog. How is this related to gaming at all? Well awesome Player Characters get dogs as companions of course. Oh, also I’ve taken to calling him Dogmeat since he responds to that really well oddly enough. Geeky stuff aside..

Oct 22

SMC: It Returns

Morning readers. Today’s tidbit of news and the topic is something that has already happened twice, now becoming something of a tradition for a very well known free to play game.

Jun 16

E3 Wrap-up: The Winner is..

Another day of trailers and announcements gone by. Nintendo and Sony were the two main heavy hitters to toss some words around for the audience to greedily soak up. While there is still the rest of today left before the “winner” of this year’s E3 will be decided upon by the collective masses of gamers, […]