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Mar 05

Modern Warfare 2 Review

Hey, let’s review Modern Warfare 2! Okay, so my history with Modern Warfare has a strange tangent in my gaming life. When Call of Duty 4 first came out I was like “Meh…” I mean, I loved what I was seeing – nukes and stuff – but I didn’t really care. I was still “Finishing the Fight.” […]

Feb 26


I will do my utmost to resist making blatant jokes about…things. Originally I bought Bayonetta for the nudi…err…the fact that it is made by the same guy who did Devil May Cry..? Yea, I wouldn’t buy that line from a guy either when it comes to this game. One thing came to mind right before […]

Feb 11

Mass Effect 2

When I first heard that Mass Effect was going to be a trilogy I thought, “Well, that sounds cool and using my character from the previous title was one of my favorite parts of .//Hack. Maybe I’ll reserve it.” Some time in 2008 we all saw the first trailer for Mass Effect 2, learned that […]

Feb 09

Tech Tuesday #27 – The Apple iPad

Hi folks, InStyle76 here taking over Tech Tuesdays from the mighty Ryokea. This week I wanted to cover a device that received a tiny bit of media coverage over the past two weeks: the Apple iPad. That was sarcasm, in case it didn’t come through in writing. This device has received so much attention I […]

Jan 28

Heroes of Sostegaria…

Ah, Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment, I have waited SO LONG for this game! The original Vandal Hearts was the first Tactical RPG I ever laid my hands on, and boy did I love it! Of course, there have been more since then: Front Mission 3 (I miss this one too), Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics […]

Jan 21

There’s a Zombie On Your Lawn…

“I know your type, tall, dark, and dead” Sorry but just wait, you’ll be doing it too. So… I decided to go poking around PopCap’s website for some unknown reason and came across Plants Vs. Zombies. Sick looked over my shoulder and said, “Plants vs Zombies?! That sounds stupid.” I found out it was a […]