Bungie Honors Us All

Yesterday, Bungie released a Video Documentary (ViDoc) Giving everyone insight on Bungie’s Past, Present, and Future. This year marks the company’s 20th anniversary, as well as Halo’s 10th. Yes, we have been given ten blissful years of , in my opinion, the most ground-breaking franchise known to gaming.
This… is for Bungie, because everything they’ve ever done… is for the fans. We will always return that love.

With Halo: Combat Evolved (2001) being released as a “launch title” for what we know now as the Original Xbox, Bungie opened a door to many new possibilities for gaming. LAN parties for consoles became more popular, a Multiplayer revolution was started, and we got to see part of what Xbox could do. Halo: CE gave us an Epic story to follow as SPARTAN-117 Master Chief and a completely immersive universe to fall in love with. As gamers, we’ve been waiting for this. It had the same draw that Star Wars Universe did with movies. We wanted more.

Halo 2 (2004) brought us more of that Universe we so deeply craved and an Online Multiplayer only previously seen on PCs. For console gaming, this Multiplayer was revolutionary; defining what Xbox Live has become. By this time MLG has grown in renown and taken a heavy interest in Halo. Halo 2 became a staple in MLG, breathing more life into competitive gaming. How can you top that?

Halo 3 is how. After the launch of the Xbox 360, all Halo fans waited in earnest for the final installment of the series; the “Final Fight” between Humans and Covenant. But wrapping up a story of such epic proportions was only the beginning. Halo 3 gave us gamers much more to “Play” with; a customizable SPARTAN to use in multiplayer, better usability/playability, and a Theater Mode that allowed you to replay your games and take Screenshots and Film clips of them. This was amazing. But that’s not all! This game also came with a Forge mode which allowed you to create and save maps and gametypes of your own. This, grouped with Screenshots and Film clips, gave us a File Sharing system. Buying a copy of Halo 3 came with not only a piece of software, but an entire community.

Halo3:ODST brought us another story from the Halo Universe; one from a perspective other than Master Chief. It was gritty, but just as intriguing. Following suit with every other game, Bungie brought us another fun way to play with the community: FireFight. This game was based on cooperative play, pitting up to four players against waves of increasingly difficult Covenant squads.

Wrapping up Bungie’s wave of Revolutionary games in this series was Halo: Reach, which gives us some back story to what happened on that fabled planet. Halo: Reach improved on everything the series has done, Literally. It brought us a rebuilt game engine that helped improve graphics and loading times, Animated assassinations (one of MY favorite things to do), Loadouts for players that have different play styles, an improved tagging system for file sharing, not just Forge maps… but a World to forge in, and SPARTAN customizations that stretched the imagination that was able to be brought into Campaign mode. “That’s MY SPARTAN in that cutscene!”

My point for telling you ALL this? Bungie has brought more to the table EVERY time they gave us a new game. They single-handedly revolutionized gaming for us, Physically and Socially. This is because they listen to their fans; their Community. There are companies that have given us games just as good, but no other company has created such a community than what Bungie has now. It is because of this, that I cannot wait to see what they bring us next. I have no doubt in my mind that it will surpass anything we could imagine. They do it every time.

And thus, I give you the ViDoc. It is an Epic story. I shed a tear or two, and by that I mean wept like a little baby…

*Check out our epic wedding kiss at 32:36 – Sick was totally grabbing my ass!

If it wasn’t for Bungie, we wouldn’t have the life we have now. We are deeply honored to be a part of Bungie’s history. I want to remind you, as a fan, that you are a part as well.

Porro ago Bungie!

Diligo, AMMIH!


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