2011 Reading Challenge Update #6

Oh reading challenge. I’ll be so happy when you’re over, I’ve won, and we can all go back to reading books at our usual pace.

Christmas is next Sunday. Does that feel weird to anyone else? or is it just me? I can’t remember the last time Christmas was on a Sunday. A bunch of money sucking things came up this month, which means I won’t get to do shopping till December 23rd. That’s gonna be fun. I wonder if there will even be anything left to buy at that point. Ugh!

Ok but enough about Christmas… Here are this week’s reading stats.

I went from 13 to 15 books by reading:

Psycho went from 6 to 7 by reading:

He then bumped himself up to 8 books after remembering that he read Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Ultimate Guide by Mary-Jane Knight earlier this year.

AJ went from 9 to 11 books by reading:

With only thirteen days left I really need to start capitalizing on any and all downtime. No matter how small. I may need to start keeping an extra book in the bathroom as this seems to be the only place the kids don’t corner and interrogate me. Asking me a million questions seems to be one of their favorite past times.

Nine more books, JUST NINE MORE BOOKS! That’s all I need!

Till next week…


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