2011 Reading Challenge Update #4

I’ve finally hit the half way mark. Only 12 more books to go, with 31 days left. I need to read 3 books a week to win. Up until now I’ve been averaging one book a week. God, I’m never gonna make it. Who’s stupid idea was this reading challenge anyway? Oh wait.. it was mine wasn’t it?

This week I went from 11 to 12 books by reading:

PsychoVandal and AJ read nothing this week. I’m sure they blame Harry Potter and video games.

If you’ve been paying attention you’ll notice the book I read this week was the same book AJ read last week. It was 170 (our rules state all books need to be at least 100.) pages and I gotta say, after reading it myself, I’m pretty proud of him for being able to get through it.

I know I haven’t said it before… but I really appreciate you guys following along with us. Who do you think will win? Remember, the winner is the first one to make it to 24 before the end of the year. So even if one of us makes it to 23, no one wins. It’s a tough game we play here at the AMMIH house! Hopefully we’ll all be better readers for it in the end.


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