2011 Reading Challenge Update #5

Christmas TreeHoly snow cones batman! It’s December! Not sure how that happened. But it’s definitely gettin’ chilly in the sunshine state. Psycho had to bring our doorstep Christmas tree in this evening. Apparently the wind kept knocking it over. The lights were on long enough for me to watch the last of the white lights die. What a pathetic little tree. :sigh:

The children won’t stop talking to me about Christmas and whether or not they’re getting a bunch of small gifts or one big one. And me? I wish I didn’t have to listen to Christmas music everywhere I went. But I’m totally in the Christmas spirit! Can’t you tell?

Ok. So lets get down to business. Surprise! Surprise! I’m still in the lead. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about feel free to fill yourself in.)

This week I went from 12 to 13 books by reading:

Both PsychoVandal and AJ read this week but neither of them finished any books. Too bad. So sad.

Also, I realize I mentioned this last week, but PsychoVandal is STILL working on a post about the Halo Anniversary Maps and we STILL have a map pack code to give away. If you follow him on twitter give him a shout. Maybe you guys can help light a fire under his ass.


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