2012 Reading Challenge Update #1

Last year (at the last minute) PsychoVandal and I competed to reach our goodreads.com reading goals. We failed. However, this year we’re back with a vengeance and ready to get’er done! We even got InStyle76 to join us!

Each of us will receive a prize once we’ve reach the goal of reading 24 books. The prizes are as follows:

  • PsychoVandal: TBD
  • SickNdehed: TBD (we’re literally arguing about it as I type this. I keep telling Psycho he needs to pick a prize. But everytime I ask he says “what’s yours?…you can’t make me pick something if YOU haven’t even picked a prize yet.” I guess we’ll get back to you on this one.)
  • InStyle76: Max 2 Dual Node Percussion Massager
  • AJ: A Trip to Universal
  • Josh: A Nintendo DSi

As promised, here’s out first monthly reading update:

PsychoVandal has taken off running by reading 4 books this month!

I finished 1 book for January.

Instyle76 started reading a book but didn’t finish it. I can’t blame him though. We’ve been working our asses off finishing up some web projects. He also seems to like reading those really long 500+ paged fantasy books. We’ll check back with him next month.

AJ read 1 book.

Josh read 3 books.

… and some other book called “What Do I Do?” which I couldn’t find a picture for.

AND.. that’s where we’re at for January 2012. As always please let us know what YOU’RE reading. Who knows? maybe one of us will read that next.


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