2011 Reading Challenge Update #8

Happy New Year everyone! It’s officially 2012 and holy crap it feels really weird saying that. I can still remember being a kid and thinking everything in the year 2000 sounding so futuristic. But here we are, 2012, and still no flying cars. Someone should really get on that.


I’m incredibly sad to report that no one won our 2011 reading challenge. I REALLY REALLY wanted to win this thing, but with 5 books still left to read on New Year’s Eve, it just wasn’t going to happen. My plan was to read all the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books before midnight. However with all the NYE excitement, I didn’t start reading till 9pm!

As upset as I was about not reaching my personal goal, I couldn’t help but wonder… Would winning by reading Captain Underpants and Diary of the Wimpy Kid really make me happy? Probably not. So… the lesson here is, if you’re going to commit to reading 24 books in a year, it’s probably best if you start reading in January instead of November. I guess the procrastinator in me was convinced I could defy all logic and reason to pull it off. I was wrong.

In the final week, I went from 16 to 19 books by reading:

PsychoVandal went from 9 to 10 books by reading:

Ashton gave up this time around but he and my little brother are excited about participating in 2012. We’re changing the rules around a little bit though. I’m thinking that everyone who makes their goal will receive a prize of their choice. However, we may add a grand prize which gets awarded to the person who reads their 24 books first. Lastly, the updates will be monthly instead of weekly.

I’d love to hear from you guys about this. Are you a reader? If not, what kind of grand prize would motivate you to read 24 books in a year?


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