Spielberg to Rescue Halo Movie?

From IGN, comes news about Steven Spielberg requesting screen rights for the Halo movie that was halted back in ’06.

This is extremely exciting for all fanboys and sci-fi enthusiasts alike. Spielberg intends to use the literary form of the story to sidestep Universal and Fox suing for their $12 Million already invested. This is also a good thing because Spielberg, being a gamer and fan as well, will bring more detail to the canon involved.

Spielberg owned DreamWorks’ new CEO Stacey Snider is the former Universal Pictures chairman. This fact, and her refusal to comment on IGN’s story, leads a speculation that she may have her heart set on finishing what she started.

I cannot wait for this to be confirmed. Cross your fingers, boys and girls. We have been waiting for this for WAY too long.

References: IGN and Vulture (original source)


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