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Thank You: The Process

It feels like I’ve been thinking about my Thank You cards forever. Do I make them look like the invitations? Use imagery of our spartans in Recon? a picture from the wedding? Well, after spending hours in photoshop with game images of us in Recon, and trying to incorporate invitation design elements, I gave up. […]


Why A Halo Wedding?

Sick and Psycho discuss their initials plans for a halo wedding and their friend’s reactions.


Mr. Destructoid Visits The Halo Wedding

No one was more surprised to see Mr. Destructoid at our wedding than us. In the end though, we were pretty excited he showed up. How else would we have ended up with this super sweet video? Big thanks to r3y guti3rr3z for sharing this video with us and thumbs up all around for his […]


MTV Must See Video!

MTV’s Stephen Totilo flew down to spend our special day with us. { Click HERE for the Full Story } P.S. For more exclusive MTV coverage please visit our Press page. I’ve been doing my best to keep it updated.


A Match Made In Halo: Cake Demo

Sick and Psycho meet with Zoet Finest Cakes of Orlando FL to discuss their wedding cake.


Destressing…Special Thanks Coming Soon!

PsychoVandal and I are officially married and couldn’t be happier about it. I may take another day or two to recover after this weekend’s excitement, but please know there will be lots of posts to thank everyone who helped make our wedding as wonderful as it was. I’d also like to thank all those who’ve […]