Fable 3: Make your own Villager

villager maker

Hear ye! Hear YE! Lionhead Studios has announced their “Villager Maker,” an interesting addition to making you more involved in the game. With this, you can…. Make your own villager!

Now, you can customize your very own villager to be added to your Fable 3 game. As Major Nelson has said earlier, everyone can make their own, but only those who Pre-order the game will receive a token to add them as an interactive character. So, stroll on over to Xbox.com and start fiddlin’ with your villager (giggity). Make sure to view the EPIC trailer (if you haven’t already) before you head to the Villager Maker, and PRE-order this baby NOW!

Know what? I’m going to make that easier for you…

Here ya go!

Regular Edition:  Collector’s Edition:
Fable 3
Fable 3 CE


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