Crazy Halo 3 Mods

Every once in a while I meander across game mods that people have come up with. Usually, though impressive to actually implement, don’t have much of an effect on me. I could sit and watch game mod videos all day and not get too excited over them. Today was different… These mods actually had me wondering what they were gonna show me next!

These videos are from HaloTutorial on Youtube and both exhibit some… interesting vehicles.

WARNING:Explicit Lyrics Ahead!

  • Demon
  • Hell Hornet
  • Angel
  • Whacky Tractor Tire
  • Hover ‘Goose

Now this one is going to be loved by many Star Wars fans…Just Sayin’.

I’m throwing in Top Ten Series‘ “Top Ten Halo: Reach BETA Lucky Kills” just because I found it, and Anoj mentioned it was the BEST one yet. BTW… We LOVE Top Ten Series


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