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Sep 13

Halo 4 BTS: Return of the Forerunners

But… but… but they do… look like … robot monsters…. It seems that we are at a loss of words for this video. I want to know you think. What, in this video, is most exciting for you?

Aug 16

Black Ops 2: Behind the Scenes

I have only just recently started looking into this Black Ops 2 thing. I was as interested in it as I was for the first Black Ops; Which means to say I wasn’t. After fooling around on the Xbox Dashboard for a bit the other day, that changed. DEAR GOD YOU NEED TO SEE THIS.

Oct 26

Halo:CEA Music

This video shows more of what 343 has been doing with the music for Halo:CEA. I, myself, was a little worried about how this would turn out. But, they laid the majority of my fears to rest with this BTS. This game is great, and 343’s additions will be, too.